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Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer
.info £17.99 £17.99 £17.99
£39.99 £39.99 £39.99 £7.99 £7.99 £7.99
£28.99 £28.99 £28.99
£31.99 £31.99 £31.99
£31.99 £31.99 £31.99
.catering £31.99 £31.99 £31.99
.pub £26.99 £26.99 £26.99
.solutions £26.99 £26.99 £26.99
" No items could be found matching the criteria "
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Domain Name Management

Domain Management

Take control of your domain within the Client Area and manage settings such as A and MX records.

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Automatic Domain Renewal

With every domain name registration, you can choose to auto renew saving you time and not worry about remembering to renew.

Automatic Domain Renewal

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Domain management made easy

Manage your domain settings via the client area.

  • Easy Management
  • Protect your Brand
  • Domain Lock
Domains Control Panel

Manage DNS records through an easy-to-use Control Panel

Create new records such A or AAAA records and take full control over your DNS service.

Manage your domain from the Client Area with all domains in one location.

Protect Your Brand

Dont let your business lose out

Make your business stand out secure your favorite domain that promotes your business.

Once you have secured your main domain, secure other TLDs such as .net to prevent others copying your brand.


Lock your domains to prevent unauthorised transfers

All domains come locked as default. This prevents the domain from being taken and used by someone else.

You can also protect your personal contact information by using whois guard, this removes all content from public view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few questions we are asked about domains.

What is a domain name?
  • If you want a website or email address that is unique to you or your business then you need to secure a domain name which identifies your business or brand.

    Having an online presence will also allow your brand to be found in search engines, attracting visitors to your website.

What can I do with a domain name?
  • When you buy domains from Tidyhosts, you can link the domain name to your website, promoting your business name and products you offer, reaching out to millions of users.

    You can also link your domain name to your email, such as, allowing you to be contacted online.

Can i use multiple domain names?
  • Quite simply, you can have as many domain names as you wish. Securing your brand with only one TLD such as .com will allow other people to register TLDs like .net or .co, we highly recommend securing as many TLDs as you can.

    We recommend researching available domains on different TLDs before registering you main domain in order to secure the others from registration.

What domain should I buy?
  • Common TLD choices are .com and .net for commercial business, the later is more commonly used with technology compaines.

    If you are targeting more localised customers then we suggest registering a country domain such, however these are still searchable from other countries so your website is still visable in major search engines.

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