Mount Points

Stream at different bit rates using mount points that allow multiple streams of audio content to be managed and broadcast from a single Icecast server.

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Auto DJ

Broadcast to your audience using pre-uploaded audio files or playlists in a continuous loop when there is no live DJ or broadcaster actively streaming.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

All plans offer radio broadcasters and streamers the flexibility to grow their audience and scale their streaming operations without bandwidth constraints.

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Get ON AIR in minutes

All of our plans include unmetered bandwidth, allowing you to grow your station without the worry of reaching any limits.

Great for starting out
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  • Storage
    1GB Auto DJ
  • Bandwidth
  • Control Panel
    Centova Cast
  • AutoDJ
  • Bitrate
For professional streamers
£0.15 /slot
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  • Storage
    10GB Auto DJ
  • Bandwidth
  • Control Panel
    Centova Cast
  • AutoDJ
  • Bitrate
For best high quality streaming
£0.20 /slot
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  • Storage
    20GB Auto DJ
  • Bandwidth
  • Control Panel
    Centova Cast
  • AutoDJ
  • Bitrate

Manage Your Stream

All the features of Icecast hosting can be managed with the Centova Cast control panel.

You can review detailed performance metrics, resource usage, listener demographics and royalty reports. Drag and drop to create playlist for use with the AutoDJ feature.

If you are creating a new or have an existing website, you can integrate now-playing details, recent tracks, song requests and more using widgets on your site to help increase your online presence. Our web hosting can help get you up and running quickly.

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Stream To Any Device

When you create your own internet station, your audience can be listening from any where in the world.

Icecast allows your listeners to connect using any device such as a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. Providing your listeners have an internet connection, they can listen to your stream anywhere.

Centova Cast allows streams to be clustered, otherwise known as a relay stream. This allows your stream to be broadcasted to one server, this in turn allows other Icecast servers to relay from that main server, enabling you to send your stream to geographical locations anywhere in the world. Your listeners can then connect to a more localised server.

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Why Choose Tidyhosts For Icecast Hosting?

Our service is packed with features for your streaming, here are just some.

24/7 AutoDJ

Stream to your listeners when you are offline. Centova Cast gives you the ability to create multiple playlists for different times of the day.

Station Statistics

View historical statistics on performance, listeners and resource usage in a friendly graphical interface, plus many other useful metrics.

Latest Icecast Software

With continuous updates and improvements to Icecast, your server will always be on the latest available version of the streaming platform.

Player Links

Every listener has different preferences for streaming internet music. With Centova Cast, you can provide listener links for different devices.

Broadcast Live

Collate your music and the genres you wish to stream and broadcast live to your audience, creating a real internet radio station that you own.

Innovative Control Panel

With Centova Cast, take full control over the Icecast software with the additional features such as AutoDJ and listener statistics.

Create your new station

In the era of digital media and online connectivity, broadcasting audio content over the internet has become more accessible than ever, thanks in part to technologies like Icecast. Icecast is a powerful, open-source streaming media server that enables individuals and organizations to broadcast live or pre-recorded audio content to a global audience. Let's delve into what Icecast is, how it works, and its diverse range of applications.

Icecast, originally developed by the Xiph.org Foundation, is a versatile streaming media server that supports the efficient distribution of audio content over the internet. Icecast is renowned for its stability, scalability, and customization options, making it a popular choice for internet radio stations, podcasters, musicians, and anyone seeking to share audio content online.

To broadcast audio using Icecast, you'll need a source client - typically an encoder software like butt (broadcast using this tool), Mixxx, or even specialized hardware encoders. The source client captures audio from a microphone, mixer, or pre-recorded files, encodes it into a compatible format (e.g., MP3, Ogg Vorbis), and sends the encoded stream to the Icecast server.

The Icecast server receives the audio stream from the source client. It manages connections from listeners and distributes the audio stream efficiently. Icecast is highly configurable via XML configuration files, allowing administrators to specify settings such as port number, maximum number of listeners, access control, and more.

People who want to listen to the broadcast connect to the Icecast server using media players like VLC, Winamp, iTunes, or even web browsers. By accessing the server's streaming URL, listeners can tune into live broadcasts or pre-recorded content seamlessly.

Icecast uses the Shoutcast protocol for streaming, which ensures reliable and optimized delivery of audio data over the internet. This protocol supports features like metadata (song information), multiple bitrate streams, and seamless transitions between sources.

Icecast is a game-changer in the realm of internet broadcasting, democratizing audio streaming and enabling creative expression on a global scale. Whether you're a budding radio host, a passionate musician, or a forward-thinking organization, Icecast offers a robust platform to share your voice with the world. Embrace the power of Icecast and embark on your journey of digital broadcasting today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about Icecast hosting

What is Icecast server hosting?
  • Icecast server hosting refers to the practice of deploying an Icecast streaming media server on a remote server provided by a hosting provider such as Tidyhosts. This allows users to broadcast audio content over the internet without having to manage the server hardware themselves.

How does Icecast Server Hosting work?
  • Icecast server hosting works by deploying the Icecast server software on a dedicated server or shared hosting environment provided by a hosting company. Broadcasters use compatible source clients to connect to the server, stream audio content, and reach listeners via stream URLs.

What software do I need to run a Icecast Server?
  • To broadcast audio to an Icecast server, you'll need software that can capture audio from your source (such as a microphone or pre-recorded audio) and encode it into a format suitable for streaming over the internet. Commonly used software options for broadcasting to Icecast are Butt, OBS Studio, Winamp with the Shoutcast DSP plugin and Audio Hijack.

Can I monetize my Icecast stream?
  • Yes, you can monetize your Icecast stream through audio ads or sponsor messages into your stream. Accept donations from listeners to support your broadcasting efforts or offer premium content or subscription-based access to exclusive streams.

How do I promote my Icecast station?
  • You can promote your Icecast station through various methods. Share links to your stream on social media platforms, embed a player on your website to attract visitors. Partner with other stations or influencers for cross-promotion and optimize metadata and keywords for search engines.

Can I customize my Icecast server settings?
  • Yes, you can customize various settings on your Iceast server including, setting song titles, artist names, and album information. Configuring audio quality settings for optimal streaming and schedule playlists and automated content for non-live broadcasting. There are many more features included with Centova Cast.

Can I use Icecast for live streaming and pre-recorded content?
  • Yes, Icecast can handle both live streaming (e.g., real-time broadcasts from a microphone or mixer) and pre-recorded content (e.g., scheduled playlists or audio files). Source clients like butt or Mixxx facilitate live streaming, while pre-recorded content can be streamed using appropriate software.