Reseller Hosting

Our plans allow you to host unlimited domains on NVMe storage, powered by Plesk or Direct Admin.
Create your new hosting business today.
Great for new businesses.
£9.99 /month
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  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • SSL
    Let's Encrypt SSL
Ideal for demanding websites.
£17.99 /month
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  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • SSL
    Let's Encrypt SSL
Suited for larger businesses.
£29.99 /month
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  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Email Accounts
  • SSL
    Let's Encrypt SSL

Start Your Adventure

Control Panel

Manage your customers and their domains with packed features and a user-friendly Plesk or DA control panel.

Scale As You Grow

As your business grows, add more resources to your account allowing for larger and busier websites.

Free Migration

Moving from another provider can be time consuming, with our services you can do this with a few clicks.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Your business and customers are not tied to any traffic limits, allowing more freedom and flexibility.

WordPress Toolkit

Provision WordPress automatically for your customers, removing any manual configuration and quick setup.

Business Branding

Display your own logo in the control for your customers to view, creating brand awareness for your business.

Plan Comparison
For first time resellers or small businesses.
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For websites demanding more resources and scalability.
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Giving more power to your customers and larger websites.
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Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
150GB 300GB 800GB
MariaDB Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
MSSQL 20 Databases (Plesk Only) 40 Databases (Plesk Only) 100 Databases (Plesk Only)
DDoS Protection Full Full Full
Backups Included
free SSL Certificate Let's Encrypt SSL Let's Encrypt SSL Let's Encrypt SSL
Multiple PHP Versions
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Control Panel Plesk (Windows) or Direct Admin Plesk (Windows) or Direct Admin Plesk (Windows) or Direct Admin
Direct Admin Only Direct Admin Only Direct Admin Only
Instant Activation
Statistics Awstats Awstats Awstats
Cron Jobs
Advanced File Manager
Cloud Platform
DNS Management
Hosting type Shared Shared Shared
24/7 Support
Live Chat Assistance
30-day Money-back Guarantee
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Your Business Starts Here

If you have websites that need more resources, or you are taking the next step and wish to start your own hosting business but unsure how to maintain your own servers, then a reseller account is a perfect solution. Our service is powered by a choice of Plesk or Direct Admin, packed full of features to get your new business up and running.

With the reseller packages, you can integrate a billing system such as WHMCS, allowing you to accept orders online. With the including automation plugins, your billing system can process new orders automatically once the payment has been processed, this will create the new account within your reseller account and email the customer their account information once completed.

The service we provide is completely white labelled, meaning there is no direct link to us. The control panel can be branded with your own logo and you can create your own nameserver records.

Our hosting environments are optimised with the latest software and hardware, providing the best performance. Your customers websites will be loading very quickly to users who visit them. With our advanced storage configurations, the data is spanned across multiple disks, giving the best read and writes.

If you have an existing reseller account but wish to upgrade, or you have an account with another provider and are unsure what to do, then we can help you choose the right plan for your requirements and help you move your services over to us.

We have helped many customers with their new business ventures and migrations, our team of experts will talk you through the process and help you with the plan that is best suited to you.

Super Fast Network

Our network connects our customers to many of the largest peers around the world, providing a fast, low latency experience and high service availability.

With fast connectivity, your customers websites will gain higher rankings and will benefit from the service you and your business are providing to them.

NVMe Storage

NVMe SSD drives provide the best in performance and delivery, this allows your customers websites to load very quickly. Websites powered by CMS, such as WordPress require data to be retrieved from databases and need good read speed from the disks to do this.

Conventional hard drives are limited with the moving parts inside of them, this creates a speed problem, particularly over busy websites. With NVMe, there are no moving parts, providing the best throughput and data access.

One-Click Installers

Installing applications is no longer a lengthy process, with a few clicks your customers can install a new WordPress website in a few minutes without the hassle on manually editing config files.

With all websites, it is important to keep them up-to-date, the installers can be configured to automatically install the latest security and patch updates, this can save a large amount of time and take away the worry of potential vulnerabilities.

Reseller Hosting Features

There are plenty of reasons to order a reseller account with us

  • Fast Provisioning
  • Security
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ease of use
Get your business online quickly

When you order a reseller account from us, the provisioning is completed within a few minutes and all the information required to get starting is sent to you. Once you have logged in, you can begin creating the plans you will be offering to your customers.

We can assist and migrate the data from another provider over to if you have an existing reseller account. In the majority of cases, creating backups and providing them to us is not necessary, however this is another way to get the data to us.

Secured and encrypted data

Once you have provisioned a new account for a customer, the website is automatically secured with an SSL from Let’s Encrypt. The free SSL protects the visitors to your customers websites by encrypting the data. An SSL also provides better rankings in search engines such as Google, allowing your customers websites to be found more easily.

Encrypted websites provide and more safe and secure experience for visitors and most browsers will now report if a website is not secured by an SSL certificate, therefore this is a required step if you want to attract visitors. Our services also allow for 3rd party certificates with more advanced configurations should your customers require it.

No limits on usage

There are no limitations with our services, you can use as much traffic or data as you need. There will always be occasions when a website will see a surge in traffic, whether its expected or not. With unmetered bandwidth, you do not have the worry of any expected charges, allowing for more flexibility and service delivery.

Manage your account with ease

The attractive and easy to use interfaces provided by the control panels, allows you and your customers to manage their accounts with simplicity. Uploading files can be done using the built-in file managers and creating email accounts couldn’t be easier. There are many features that are provided within the control panel which you and your customers can use.

Providing the best tools and service to our customers is key to a successful website, should you need help or advice then we are available to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about reseller hosting

What is a reseller account?
  • The common use of a reseller account is to provide a service to customers of web hosting business without the need to have in-depth technical skills or the requirement of managing web servers. Another use is to reduce overall hosting costs if you have a lot of websites and merge them into one main account.

Do I need technical skills?
  • Having some knowledge on how websites and hosting work together is certainly useful, however you do not need to have in-depth knowledge to manage a reseller account. The management of the account is all driven from a control panel with all the server operations done for you.

Can I host multiple domain names with my reseller account?
  • You can host as many domains as you wish on the reseller accounts, this allows you to create separate accounts for customers who can only access their own domains. With each account you can set limits by creating plans that the customer would normally subscribe to when placing an order.

What kind of reseller hosting plan do I need?
  • For new businesses, we recommend starting small and getting your new website and brand promoted as much as possible. As you start to take orders and start seeing growth in your business, you can then upgrade to the next plan to add more resources.

Can I upgrade between plans?
  • The plans can be upgraded at any time. We recommend upgrading if you are reaching resource limits, these are viewable in the control panel. It is important to monitor your resources available as this could affect customers and provisioning of new orders.

Who manages the reseller account?
  • The reseller account gives you the ability to manage all aspects of the account, including creating of the new customer accounts. You manage the resources and plans that are allocated to the customers. We are available to assist with any questions or queries you may have with managing the accounts.

How do I transfer a domain?
  • It will depend on the domain TLD, for example a .com domain requires an EPP code for transfer which can be obtained from your current registrar. To simply host your reseller account with us, you only need to update the nameservers allowing you to keep the domain where it is. Contact us if you need any help.

How to transfer an existing reseller account?
  • You can use the migration utilities within Plesk or Direct Admin. This should streamline the transfer over to us. You can of course also carry out backups and restore them over to our servers, however this isn’t usually required. If you need assistance then please contact customers services.

Can i view statistics?
  • You and your customers can view websites statistics using AWStats that is included with the control panels. You can view stats like the top IP addresses that are visiting your website and their geographical locations.

What if my customers don't pay me on time?
  • When starting a new business, we recommend you only accept pre payments. This means the customer would order from you and pay upfront, for example on a monthly cycle. Most billing systems will offer this as standard. There is always a risk with any form on selling, but this can be minimised by ensuring you have the payments first.