Primary and Secondary

tidyhosts offers full primary and secondary DNS services to our customers
making it simple to host domains removing the need for backup DNS services.

Manage your domains DNS

tidyhosts offer a Hosted DNS service to all customers who own domains but are unable to use their registrars DNS system, best of all its free to use. Customers are able to hosts as many domains as they like, even if the hosting is elsewhere. We are confident that once you have used tidyhosts, you will want to use more of our services.

SolidCP Control Panel

Mange your domains with an friendly, and easy to use control panel

  • – Multiple Zones
  • – IPv4 and IPv6 records
  • – Primary and Secondary DNS
  • – Unlimited Zones

Completely FREE


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Instant Actvation

Your Hosted DNS is ready to use in minutes of ordering

No Software

Nothing to download, its all web managed

Server Level Protection

Our servers are secured with advanced firewalls


User friendly control panel

Fast Responses

Fast DNS responses to lookups

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

Dual Stack

Create A and AAAA records for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

Free DNS

Our DNS service is completely free to use

FAQ - some of your questions answered

What is a Hosted DNS?

Simply put, your domain needs a home where it can store names such as which resolve into IP addresses, the computers can then access the server using the IP address that its attached to.  Our service allows customers to do just that.

Do I need any software?

No, the DNS system is managed by our control panel so everything is done online via a browser.

How many domains can you host?

There is no limit, you can add as many as you like though if you have hundreds of domains you most likely are in the domain business anyway.

Just ordered my DNS account, now what?

Please login to MSPControl, you can start adding domains straight away.

Is the DNS account free for life??

Yes, we are confident that once you have used our services you will want more.

Do I need to manage my DNS?

No not at all, if you are new to DNS then we suggest reading up on what it does and how it works first.  Most hosts provide basic DNS as part of the domain purchase which you can then use as a forwarder to an existing website.

Does the secondary DNS server auto update?

Yes, Whenever changes are made to the DNS zone, the changes are firstly made to the primary DNS server, this then signals a pull notify to the secondary DNS server and initiates a zone transfer.   This then replicates a new copy of the DNS zone to the secondary DNS server.

Are there ads?

No, we do not place any ads on our DNS service.