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Keep Your Visitors Safe

Security is becoming more important as the internet grows. Traditionally businesses would secure their website only when card details were use.  Today more businesses are moving their websites over to full SSL secured website in order to offer full customer protection and increase search engine rankings.

256 Bit Encryption

Using a strong encryption level is very important, with 256-bit protection
your customers are protected thoughout their interaction with your weebsite.

Secure your website or domains

256 bit encryption for your website

256 Bit Encryption

Fill your website visitors with confidence with high encryption levels

secure multiple devices

Secure Multiple Sites

With a Wildcard SSL you can secure multiple sites on your domain

boost your SEO rankings with an ssl

Boost SEO Rankings

Search Engines now calculate URL rank on website factors such as SSL

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only £9.99/MO

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Instant Actvation

Your SSL is ready to use in minutes of ordering

Reissue Certificate

You can reissue your certificate if you make a mistake on the initial setup

Server Level Protection

Your certificates can be used to secure your server, not just your domains

User Trust

Visitors are more likely to return to your website if it has an SSL

Site Secure

Web browsers show a padlock when accessing websites with an SSL secured on it

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

Boost Rankings

Search engines will place your website higher in the ranks when secured with an SSL

SSL Warranty

Each SSL comes with a warranty which guarantees they are very secure

FAQ - Some of your questions answered

What is a SSL Certificate?

An SSL is a encryption method that is used to tell your browser that the site your are visiting is who they say they are. Once the connection is established then the communication is encrypted between the client and server.

Do I need any software?

No, the SSL certificate is installed on the webserver that is hosting the website to be secured.

How do I access the secured website?

Normally you would use https:// instead of http:// to access the site securely. Most sites automatically redirect if configured correctly.

Just ordered my SSL, now what?

If you are using the SSL with our shared hosting then you will need a dedicated IP address in order for it to work correctly, please contact us for more information.

Is the SSL for life??

No, you need to renew your certificate once the expiration date has lapsed. You can register your SSL up to 3 years at a time.

Do I need an SSL?

No, you don’t need one to run a website.

Does an SSL help my google rankings?

Google and other search engines now include SSL into its ranking calculations so sites with SSLs connected to them will rank higher.

Ive still not received my SSL certificate

The order process can sometimes take a while after the initial CRT request has been sent off. If you do not receive it after 4hrs then please contact us.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

SSL certificates come with a warranty, therefore we do not offer a 30 day guarantee as once registered they cannot be returned.