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Processor RAM Storage Price Selection
Ryzen | 1 x vCPU
1GB 40GB NVMe £6.50/mo Order
Ryzen | 2 x vCPU
2GB 60GB NVMe £15.00/mo Order
Ryzen | 2 x vCPU
4GB 120GB NVMe £25.00/mo Order
Ryzen | 4 x vCPU
8GB 200GB NVMe £35.00/mo Order
Ryzen | 4 x vCPU
16GB 400GB NVMe £50.00/mo Order

Amazing server features

Control Panel

Manage your VPS, view statistics, reimage, reboot and access the server console when required, all from the SolusVM control panel.

Increase The Power

When you need more resources such as CPU or RAM, you can simply upgrade your plan and increase the performance from the Client Area.

IPv6 Support

All VPS are issued with 2 IPv6 addresses as standard, providing modern layer 3 connectivity to the internet. More can be requested free of charge.

Best Performance

Experience fast VPS speed and connectivity. Our nodes are powered by latest AMD Ryzen CPUs, providing the ultimate performance.

Custom ISO Deployments

If you have a requirement for your own custom server OS, then you can use that to reimage your VPS and maintain your environment.

Expert Support

Our team of friendly technical experts are available to help with any queries around the clock, get in touch with us if you need assistance.

Choose Your VPS

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Unlocking the Power of Virtual Private Servers

At its core, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server environment created by partitioning a physical server into multiple isolated virtual instances. Each VPS operates independently, with dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. This isolation ensures that the performance of one VPS is not affected by the activities of other virtual instances on the same physical server.

VPS hosting is an ideal choice for hosting websites and web applications that require more resources and control than shared hosting can provide. Whether you're running a personal blog, an e-commerce store, or a corporate website, VPS hosting offers the reliability, performance, and customization options needed to support your online presence.

Developers and IT professionals often utilize VPS hosting for creating isolated development and testing environments. With full root access and the ability to install custom software, developers can replicate production environments, test new applications, and experiment with different configurations without impacting live systems.

VPS hosting can also be utilized for reseller hosting purposes, allowing individuals or businesses to resell hosting services under their brand. Resellers can partition their VPS into smaller virtual instances and allocate resources to individual clients, offering them a tailored hosting experience while generating revenue through hosting services.

Gaming enthusiasts and organizations hosting multiplayer online games often opt for VPS hosting to deploy dedicated game servers. VPS hosting provides the performance and reliability required to support seamless gameplay, with the flexibility to scale resources based on the number of players and game requirements.

VPS hosting is well-suited for hosting a wide range of applications, including content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, email servers, and more. Businesses can leverage VPS hosting to deploy mission-critical applications securely and ensure consistent performance for their users.

VPS hosting offers scalability, allowing users to easily upgrade or downgrade their resources as their needs evolve. Whether you're experiencing increased traffic or expanding your online presence, VPS hosting enables you to scale your resources without downtime.

With dedicated resources allocated to each VPS, users can expect consistent performance and uptime for their websites and applications. VPS hosting ensures that your resources are not impacted by the activities of neighboring users, resulting in optimal performance.

Despite offering dedicated resources and enhanced performance, VPS hosting remains cost-effective compared to dedicated servers. Businesses and individuals can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated hosting environment without incurring the high costs associated with dedicated servers.

Run your own applications

Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for hosting web applications offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for individuals and businesses alike.

Setup your own NextCloud server, a self-hosted cloud storage and collaboration platform that allows users to store, sync, and share files, as well as collaborate on documents, calendars, and more. With features like end-to-end encryption, file versioning, and comprehensive user management, Nextcloud provides a secure and customizable alternative to commercial cloud services.

Hosting Nextcloud on a VPS gives you full ownership and control over your data. Unlike public cloud services, where data privacy and ownership may be a concern, VPS hosting ensures that your data remains confidential and under your jurisdiction.

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Owned Infrastructure

We own and operate our own infrastructure giving us complete control over the environment. We can customize the infrastructure to meet specific needs, including hardware configurations, networking setups, and security protocols. This level of control allows us to optimize the infrastructure for performance, scalability, and security.

Owning the infrastructure enables us to deploy high-performance hardware and networking equipment tailored to meet customer requirements. This results in faster processing speeds, reduced latency, and improved application performance, leading to a better user experience for customers.

Having control over our infrastructure enables us to innovate and experiment with new technologies, architectures, and deployment models. We can quickly test and deploy new applications, services, and features without being constrained by third-party providers' limitations or dependencies.

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Each VPS operates within its own isolated environment on a physical server. This isolation ensures that resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space are dedicated solely to the VPS instance, preventing interference from other virtual servers on the same hardware. As a result, any security breaches or performance issues on one VPS do not affect others, enhancing overall security and stability.

We implement network firewalls and segmentation techniques to control inbound and outbound traffic to and from VPS instances. Firewalls filter network packets based on predefined rules, blocking unauthorized access attempts and malicious traffic. Network segmentation isolates VPS instances into separate network zones, limiting the impact of potential security breaches and minimizing the attack surface.

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VPS Hosting Features

There are plenty of reasons to order a VPS with us

  • Amazing performance
  • Full root access
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Ease of use
Providing the best solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of web hosting, the quest for speed, reliability, and performance is relentless. Enter VPS hosting with NVMe storage and blazing-fast network connectivity—a game-changer in the realm of virtual infrastructure.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) represents a quantum leap in storage technology, offering unrivaled speed, efficiency, and responsiveness. Unlike traditional storage solutions such as SATA and HDD, NVMe leverages PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) interfaces to deliver lightning-fast read and write speeds, low latency, and high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second).

High-speed network connections enable rapid data transfer rates between VPS instances and the internet, ensuring swift content delivery and superior user experiences. Whether it's streaming media, downloading files, or accessing web applications, users benefit from accelerated data transfer speeds and minimal latency.

Control what happens

Full root access empowers users with unparalleled control over their VPS environment. Unlike shared hosting or managed services where restrictions may apply, VPS users have the freedom to configure every aspect of their server according to their preferences, from the operating system and software stack to security policies and performance optimizations.

Full root access liberates users from the constraints of pre-installed software and restrictive environments. Users can install and run any compatible software application or script on their VPS instance, regardless of dependencies or licensing restrictions. This flexibility enables users to leverage a wide range of open-source and proprietary software solutions to enhance their online presence and functionality.

No limits on usage

Unmetered bandwidth offers predictable and transparent pricing, providing users with peace of mind and financial stability. With no data transfer limits or overage charges, users can accurately forecast their hosting expenses and avoid unexpected fees associated with excess bandwidth usage.

Unmetered bandwidth enables users to scale their online operations and accommodate growing traffic volumes without constraints. Whether experiencing sudden traffic spikes or planning for long-term growth, users can rely on unmetered bandwidth to support their evolving hosting needs without worrying about bandwidth limitations or downtime.

Maximise control

SolusVM is a comprehensive virtualization management platform designed to simplify the administration of VPS servers. As a feature-rich control panel, SolusVM enables users to deploy, manage, and monitor virtual servers with ease, providing a centralized interface for performing a wide range of tasks, including server provisioning, resource allocation, network configuration, and more. With its user-friendly interface and powerful management capabilities, SolusVM empowers users to optimize their VPS hosting environment efficiently.

SolusVM boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies server management tasks for users of all skill levels. With its streamlined navigation, informative dashboards, and intuitive controls, SolusVM enables users to perform common administrative tasks with ease, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.

The Best VPS Provider

There couldn't be any better reasons to choose Tidyhosts

Features Performance Network
Choice of OS
Generous NVMe Storage Full DDoS protection
IPv4 and IPv6
Low latency 100% Network Uptime
SolusVM Instant Provisioning Cisco Infrastructure
Full Root Access 24x7 Support Secure Data Centre
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Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about VPS hosting

What is a VPS?
  • A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server environment created through partitioning a physical server into multiple isolated virtual compartments. Each VPS functions as an independent server with its own dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, and operating system, allowing users to have greater control and flexibility compared to shared hosting while being more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.

How do i connect to the VPS?
  • Connecting to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) running Linux or Windows involves accessing the server remotely using secure protocols such as SSH (for Linux) or RDP (for Windows). For either soltution you will need to root or administrator password available.

Do I have full control over the VPS?
  • Yes, having full control over a VPS gives you the autonomy and flexibility to create and manage a server environment tailored to your specific needs, whether you're hosting websites, applications, or other services. It's important to understand the responsibilities that come with this level of control and to take appropriate measures to ensure the security, reliability, and performance of your VPS. Please speak to us if you require more information.

Can I reboot the server?
  • Yes, you can reboot your VPS using the SolusVM control panel. SolusVM provides a user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of your virtual private server, including rebooting the server when necessary.

Can I upgrade between plans?
  • Upgrading your VPS plan allows you to increase resources such as CPU cores, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth to accommodate growing needs, handle increased traffic, or improve performance. Understand that upgrading your VPS plan may require downtime or service interruption as the changes are implemented.

Who manages the VPS?
  • As the server administrator, you manage the VPS, resources and your applications. You are responsible for monitoring the health and performance of your VPS, as well as performing routine maintenance tasks such as system updates, software upgrades, and troubleshooting issues that may arise.

How do I point a domain to my VPS?
  • Pointing your domain to your VPS involves configuring the domain's DNS (Domain Name System) records to direct traffic to the IP address of your VPS. Log in to the control panel or dashboard of your domain registrar. This is where you manage your domain's DNS settings. Look for an option to add A records (Address records). A records map domain names to IP addresses.

Can i move my VPS from another provider?
  • You cannot transfer the whole server from another provider, you would instead need to create a new server then transfer the data over. Install and configure any necessary software applications, web servers, databases, and other services on the new VPS first.

  • Ensure that your configurations match those of your old VPS to maintain compatibility. Copy your website files, databases, emails, and any other data from your existing VPS to the new VPS. This may involve using FTP/SFTP, SCP, Rsync, or other file transfer methods.

Can i view statistics?
  • Yes, SolusVM provides various statistics and metrics that allow you to monitor the performance and resource usage of your VPS. You can view things like CPU and Monitor the usage of your VPS over time to identify periods of high activity or potential bottlenecks.

Can i install a control panel?
  • You can install, configure, and manage any software applications or services on your VPS. Whether it's web servers (e.g., Apache, Nginx), databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL), or programming frameworks (e.g., PHP, Python, Node.js), you have the flexibility to set up your server environment as you see fit.