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Get your website online today, with SSL, email and Softaculous 1-click installers.
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All plans include

  • cPanel, Direct Admin or Plesk
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • MariaDB
  • Fast Storage
  • Excellent Support
Linux OS
cPanel or DA Hosting
Ideal for PHP scripting.
£ 23.88 /year
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  • Storage
    From 1GB
  • Bandwidth
  • Email
    From 5 Accounts
  • Domains
    From 1 Website
Windows OS
Plesk Hosting
Run ASP.NET applications.
£ 23.88 /year
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  • Storage
    From 1GB
  • Bandwidth
  • Email
    From 5 Accounts
  • Domains
    From 1 Website

Fast and powerful Web Hosting

cPanel, Direct Admin or Plesk
Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your hosting account and applications with a control panel full of features to choose.

Secured Web Sites

Every website is secured with an SSL certificate automatically, serving visitors an encrypted connection.

Excellent Support

Our customers services are available to assist you with any help you require with your hosting service.

Plan Comparison
Yearly £23.88
Economical and great for getting started.
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Yearly £47.88
Our most popular plan for small businesses.
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Yearly £71.88
For more larger and complex sites needing more power.
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1 Website 5 Websites 15 Websites
Email Accounts 5 Accounts 50 Accounts 100 Accounts
Spam Filtering
1GB 30GB 80GB
MariaDB 10 Databases 50 Databases 100 Databases
MSSQL (Plesk Only) 1 Database 5 Databases 10 Databases
One-click Installers
free SSL Certificate Let's Encrypt SSL Let's Encrypt SSL Let's Encrypt SSL
Multiple PHP Versions
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Control Panel cPanel, DA or Plesk cPanel, DA or Plesk cPanel, DA or Plesk
Instant Activation
Statistics Awstats Awstats Awstats
Cron Jobs
Advanced File Manager
Cloud Platform
DNS Management
Hosting type Shared Shared Shared
24/7 Support
Live Chat Assistance
30-day Money-back Guarantee
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Super Fast Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans are powered by using the latest versions of cPanel, Direct Admin and Plesk. Web hosting is a name used to describe files transferred to an online server and accessible by visitors on the internet using a web browser. The term is also extended to include email and databases. With web hosting, the servers can also run server-side scripts to enhance your website and make it more interactive and dynamic. Web hosting has been available for many years and had grown substantially, attracting businesses as consumers to promote their products or services.

With all our web hosting plans, we include a free service that secures your website using TLS or commonly known as SSL. TLS is the new protocol but is still referred to as SSL. TLS encrypts the connection from your website to the visitor’s web browser, this also adds benefits such as increased search engine rankings as this is now the common standard.

Our web hosting servers are built and optimised with the latest hardware and software creating a near instant experience for your visitor’s. The storage where the data resides, spans across multiple disks, giving the best data read and write times. Additionally, with multiple internet feeds, we provide the best and fastest network for our services.

If you are planning to start a new website, or have one already that you wish to migrate, our customers services team are available to help you choose the right plan for your requirements. Our plans can be upgraded at any time, allowing you to increase the resources available to you as your website grows.

Migrating your existing website has never been easier, our customers services can help you move everything over to us, or you can simply do this using the transfer tools available in the control panels. With the tools and services we provide, your website will grow quickly.

Super Fast Network

Our services operate on multiple and resilient network connections, providing the best and fastest connectivity for your visitors.

With dual-powered routers, multiple paths to the largest peers, our network is fully meshed with BGP, creating a fault tolerant topology across the world.

NVMe Storage

NVMe drives deliver the best performance for your websites and allows them to load very quickly. For websites that are powered by a database such as OpenCart, it is important the data is accessible and rendered quickly to create fast and interactive experience for your visitor’s.

Traditional hard disks have advanced over the years, becoming more reliable, however with NVMe, there are no moving parts, this provides the best possible access to data and removes the bottlenecks provided by older technology.

One-Click Installers

With each hosting plan, you can install apps such as WordPress and have a new installation up and running in minutes, no more manual configuration required.

Keeping software up-to-date is also important, by using the installers, the upgrades and patching can be done automatically, saving you time and ensuring you are running the latest versions.

Web Hosting Features

There are plenty of reasons to order hosting with us.

  • Fast Provisioning
  • Security
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Ease of use
Get your website online quickly

When ordering web hosting from us, your account is created automatically within a few minutes. The information on how to connect and administer your account is emailed through to you which will allow you start uploading files and installing apps.

If you have a website that is already hosted with another provider, we can assist you with migrating the account and data over. There are various ways to do this, but most commonly is using the built-in features with the control panel.

Secured and encrypted data

When your website account is created and the domain is pointing to it, the website will automatically be secured with an SSL certificate. The SSL will protect your visitors when browsing your website by encrypting the data to and from the servers.

It is crucial to ensure you maintain a secured website, not only does this create trust with your visitors, but it also positively affects search engine results, helping your website rank higher. You can also use a 3rd party service to add an SSL to your website if you prefer to do so.

No limits on usage

With our services, we offer unmetered bandwidth, that means you can use as much traffic as you require without hitting any overage fees. Usage is often a concern for customers as sometimes this can be out of their control, for example, you could be running a website and receive a surge in traffic which was unexpected, this would of course add more fees to pay that wasn’t budgeted for.

Simply and user friendly

Managing and accessing your website couldn’t be easier. You can upload files to your account using the file manager or an application that supports FTP/SFTP. Making changes to files can also be done using the file manager making quick updates easy if your away from your computer.

Providing a fast and reliable service to our customers is key to a successful website. Should you need any assistance then we are available to help with any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common queries we are asked about web hosting

How does web hosting work?
  • With each plan, you are allocated an amount of storage on the servers. The plan also comes with a control panel which allows for management and installation of applications. You can also setup email accounts and various other functions. When a domain is pointed to your account, visitors can then access your website using the URL.

How do I transfer my web pages to your servers?
  • Uploading of files can be done using the bult-in file manger within the control panel, alternatively you can access your files using an FTP/SFTP client such as WinSCP.

Can I host multiple domain names with my hosting account?
  • Depending on the plan you have purchased, you can addon as many domains as you are able to. This means you can redirect additional domains to your main domains. With some plans you can also add multiple websites which allows you to save cost by running the additional websites under one account.

What kind of web hosting plan do I need?
  • We recommend for new starters to begin with the standard plan and upgrade your account as your website or needs require it. Our plans can be upgraded at anytime so you do not have to wait until the end of the billing cycle.

Can I upgrade between plans?
  • There will be a time when you will need more resources such as disk space, especially if you are uploading large files such as images. Upgrading can be done within the Client Area and does not require any downtime.

Who manages the hosting account?
  • The account management is carried out within the control panel and is designed to be a self-service solution. Should you require any assistance then we are available to help you with your queries.

How to transfer an existing hosting account?
  • If you have an account with another provider then you can use the built-in functions within the control panel to transfer your account over to us. There are other methods such as a backup and restore or using FTP. Every case will be different, if you have any queries then please contact our customer services team.

Can i view statistics?
  • Accessing statistics can be done from within the control panel, you will get reports on the amount of hits, geo locations and data transferred. AWstats is the default application available to our customers.

How can i read emails?
  • You can create as many email accounts as your plan permits, these can be setup and accessed from the control panel. You may also use an application such as Outlook to connect to the servers using POP3 or IMAP.