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Ark: Survival Evolved

£ 0.60 /mo

Counter-Strike GO

£ 0.35 /mo

Gary's MOD

£ 0.30 /mo


£ 0.30 /mo


£ 6.00 /mo


£ 0.20 /mo

Team Fortress 2

£ 0.35 /mo

Why Choose Game Server Hosting?

With our fast and robust network, your server is in good care.

Multi-Game Support
Multi-Game Support

Our network and servers are built for gaming with low ping.

Fast Activation
Fast Activation

From the point of ordering, your server will be online in minutes.

Pterodactyl Game Panel
Pterodactyl Game Panel

Manage your server, ban users and install mods with this great panel.

Create Your Pterodactyl Managed Game Server

With our Game Server Hosting, we provide customers with a low latency and fast game play exeperience. The benefits of running your own game server, places you in control of what happens, what MODs are installed and who is allowed to play. The server is yours to manage, your server, your rules.

The server can be used to host private tournaments, ideal for clans or users who just to practice.

Create Your Pterodactyl Managed Game Server
DDoS Protection

Powerful DDoS Protection

Our advanced detection systems monitor and mitigate and DDoS attacks that may target your game servers. Our advanced configurations inspect and filter the bad traffic at high speed whilst allowing the good traffic to flow to your servers.

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Instant provisioning

When you place an order for a Game Server, the provisioning will start instantly. The server is built using the game of your choice. The game server console is accessible from the control panel, which will allow you to start up and manage the game. Should you encounter any problems with the server, you can reinstall the game at any time.

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Instant provisioning

monitoring 24/7/365

Redundant infrastructure

When building and hosting your own game server, it is important to have a reliable server with excellent connectivity, performance and availability. With our game server hosting, the network connectivity is fed from multiple feeds into the data centers, creating redundancy, speed and guarantees that the server will not get caught hit with latency probles due to saturation of traffic or poor connections.

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The World's Best Game Server Provider

There couldn't be any better reasons to choose Tidyhosts

Generous Storage Free DDoS protection
File Manager
High Spec CPUs 100% Network Uptime
Pterodactyl Control Panel Instant Provisioning Cisco Infrastructure
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common queries we are asked about our game server hosting

Will my server be on 24/7?
  • All provisioned game servers are designed and built to be available all day, every day. You can use scheduled tasks if you only want the server available between certain times, the choice is entirely yours.

    Gamers choose Game Server Hosting so they can have it online 24/7.

Do I have full control over the game server?
  • Once the server is provisioned, the management resonsibilty is entirely yours. From the Pterodactly control panel, you can upload files, create scheduled tasks, stop and start the server, add additional users and much more.

Can I install mods and customise the server?
  • You can install any mods you wish to, for example you could upload a mod which enables BOTs within the game. There is no restriction on what MODs you can use.

Do you provide a database with the game servers?
  • We include a database with each server. Most game servers will allow you to store game data such as players, game states and statistics. The databases can be managed from the Pterodactyl control panel. If you need more databases then please contact our customers services for assistance.

I cant see the game server listed I want to purchase?
  • We are continuously developing new games that can be ordered. Popular games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive and Minecraft are already available. If you don’t see a server listed, please contact us so we can prioritise the games that are added to the portfolio.