Carmen de Bisonte Temporary Chapter: Get a Premium Tank for Free


Carmen de Bisonte Temporary Chapter: Get a Premium Tank for Free

From July 21 through July 31, a temporary Chapter, Carmen de Bisonte, will be available in Battle Pass Season XI.

This is an excellent chance to get your hands on the Tier VIII Premium 56TP heavy tank for free. Additionally, you can select the currency you use to purchase the Improved Pass for the temporary Chapter—either gold or Free XP. With the Improved Pass, you’ll be able to enjoy even more rewards, including the unique Carmen de Bisonte style. You’ll receive the style alongside a special temporary mission, which you can complete to get various in-game items as a reward.

That aside, the rules are the same as in other Chapters. You need to activate the temporary Chapter manually, then start filling it with Battle Pass points. You earn them by playing in Random Battles and in the Season’s Core Vehicles.

Watch this video to learn more!

00:00 New Premium Tank with a Unique Style
00:49 Temporary Chapter Rules
02:09 The Engine is the Heart of the Bison
02:37 A 122 mm Gun Instead of Horns
03:23 Armor Under the Skin
04:27 Preparing for Battle
05:20 A Style and a Mission
05:38 Conclusion

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Date: July 15, 2023