Football Manager 2024 | New Features Wrap-Up | #FM24


Football Manager 2024 | New Features Wrap-Up | #FM24

Your FM24 features wrapped up, all in one place.

Allow Carl Anka to talk you through a range of new additions that combine to make FM24 the most complete edition to date. Period.

From Match Engine upgrades, a Set-Pieces revamp and a new licenced league, FM24 promises to bring you even closer to the real-world experience of managing the world’s elite clubs.

For an extra layer of detail into each of these features, visit our website to read our in-depth feature drops –

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Football Manager 2024 debuts from November 6th across platforms.

Secure Early Access and 10% off by pre-purchasing FM24 on PC/Mac anytime before Nov 6th – https://fm24.Store/Pre-Purchase

Date: October 6, 2023