Q&A hangout with the community team


Q&A hangout with the community team

In this video, the CoH3 team answers some of your questions regarding the recent release of their PC Update, Brass Leopard (1.1.5)

We asked you on Discord and our social channels for some questions! We’ve put your questions in front of our CoH3 team and collected all their answers for you today. While we won’t be able to answer everything, we’ll do our best to cover as much as possible during this shorter livestream.

We’re still working on that bigger plan we promised you, which will be coming sometime in July, so stay tuned! 🤩 So without further ado, let’s jump right in! Don’t forget to leave more questions in the comments. 💬

00:00:00 Introduction John & Gabrielle (Gabi)
00:04:25 Will you ever include any public testing before releasing an update?
00:05:34 Are there any updates on new game content?
00:07:20 Will you integrate Community made maps to CoH3?
00:08:42 Will cosmetics stay grounded in WW2 or will they become more fantastic?
00:12:30 Will we see any updates to the modding tools or worldbuilder soon? Will updates come more regularly to get the tools at parity with CoH2?
00:14:20 How will you be updating both the PC and Console Editions? Will you eventually try to get them to parity?
00:15:30 Will controller support ever be coming to PC?
00:16:25 Will you ever enable cross-play between Xbox, PlayStation and PC?
00:17:49 Are you working on more player progression and customization?
00:19:20 Why can’t you bring over old maps from CoH1 & CoH2?
00:20:35 When can we expect the Replay feature?
00:21:25 Are there any balance issues you’re tracking for the 1.2 (Emerald Bear) update?

Brass Leopard Update Preview
► https://youtu.be/fq2aKEe4Tx4
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Date: June 17, 2023